New Riegel Cafe
14 N Perry St
New Riegel, OH 44853
(419) 595-2255
Est. 1953

Mon-Thurs 4:30-8:30PM
Fri-Sat 4:30-9:00PM
Sun 11:30-8PM



Historic PhotosWhen looking for a great place to relax and enjoy one-of-a-kind ribs, the New Riegel Cafe might come to mind. For many years the New Riegel Cafe, a family owned and operated restaurant, has been serving its famous barbequed ribs and chicken on Perry Street in New Riegel, Ohio. New Riegel is a small, quiet town with a little over 300 people, located in Seneca County. Although the town is small, many people travel from all over Ohio to eat at the New Riegel Cafe. Some, nearby on business or visiting family, have come from Alaska, Germany, and even Japan to taste these well known ribs.

The New Riegel Cafe was opened in 1953 by W.J. "Pete" Boes. Pete was a cook in the Army during World War II for three and a half years. He was discharged from the service in 1945 and started working as a carpenter. In 1953, after hurting his back, Pete bought the New Riegel Cafe and was originally going to specialize in Spanish Spaghetti. He had also thought about owning a tavern but that all changed after one day he tasted some barbeque chicken a friend was cooking. Something in that barbeque sauce was especially good and stuck in Pete’s mind. He decided to try to recreate that sauce and worked on his own recipe for two and a half years.

At first, he served barbequed ribs and chicken on alternate weeks and it was only open Friday through Sunday. In the beginning of the New Riegel Cafe, Pete sold tickets so those select few could try his food experiments. After a while, Pete expanded the hours and included the choice of both ribs and chicken all the time.

Main BarWith the New Riegel Cafe being open everyday of the week and the menu expanding, the restaurant needed to expand as well. The cafe included the main bar with the main dining area with booths lining one wall, a two-room dining area, and the kitchen.

The process of expanding was delayed though. In the early morning of July 9, 1977, a fire started due to a dryer malfunction in the cafe that nearly destroyed it. Thanks to the local fire department, the fire was quickly stopped. Although the cafe was not destroyed, there was still a lot of smoke damage. In order to restore the New Riegel Cafe, it temporarily moved to the New Riegel Moose Lodge for three months until the cafe was finished.

Eventually, Pete bought the house next door and added that to the cafe. Near the main bar, it opened up into a gift shop with the Joy Bar used for special occasions on one side and a banquet room in the basement. Four more feet were also added to the side of the cafe as well, making it as close to the alley and sidewalk as possible.

Banquet Room and Joy BarThe New Riegel Café offers the Original New Riegel Bologna, Heat & Eat Sausage, hot dogs and 4 different salad dressings. These are available for purchase.

The New Riegel Cafe serves lunch featuring their homemade bologna and sausage sandwiches along with hamburgers, ham sandwiches, hotdogs and salads. Once dinner comes, the menu includes barbequed ribs or chicken served with french fries, buttered bread, and celery sticks. Also available are shrimp, ham and beef.

In 1993, the cafe celebrated 40 years with actor Jamie Farr from the television show M-A-S-H making an appearance. After 55 years of service in 2008, the cafe is still going strong. The New Riegel Cafe is never empty and has a lot of repeat customers from the area and from far away who want to taste our famous barbeque.